“… many innocent people are being wrongly accused of child abuse and whose lives in consequence are being turned upside down without due justification….

“Children are made to live in constant fear of being parted from their parents.
The climate is like that of a witchhunt in which the voice of reason and all sense of proportion is lost.”

– Earl Howe, House of Lords, “Child Abuse”, Hansard 17 Oct. 2001

It can begin with the injustice of an accused parent not even being faced by his or her accusers; not given the real accusation and so not able to confront it.

Part of the injustice is the admissibility of hearsay in cases of child welfare. As established by the Children (Admissibility of Hearsay Evidence) Order 1990, “In civil proceedings before the High Court or a county court, evidence given in connection with the upbringing, maintenance or welfare of a child, shall be admissible notwithstanding any rule of law relating to hearsay.”

The injustice continues, whereby even if a Family Proceedings Court rules that there has been no wrongdoing, the child remains subject to a Child Protection Plan, effectively “black listing” the parent from that point onwards.

So how can you, as a parent fight back in the face of this injustice?

The advice of one parent, you need to choose a good solicitor:

  • One who is willing to pro-actively fight for your rights;
  • One who is expert in the fields of Family Law and specifically Children’s Proceedings;
  • One who recognizes the importance of sensitivity, tact and thoughtfulness being shown to those looking for help and guidance.
  • One who is working for you and your family, not for the local authority;
  • One who understands that children are better brought up by their natural parents and family.

And the other word of advice, from solicitor and expert in Family Law, Brendan Fleming:

You only lose your kids if you give up on your kids.

Keep going. Keep positive. Eventually you will be rewarded.

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