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  • “Brendan Flemings were my solicitors from and I couldn’t have wished for a more pro-active, professional team. Brendan himself was so reassuring during what was often a very stressful time of my life. My sincere thanks to him and all of his team.

    “I have children who are, in the main, happy and well-balanced, now with children of their own. I am proud of them all and none of it would have been possible without you. Thank you.”

Our client, Ms H.

  • “What can I say? ‘Thank you’ just doesn’t seem enough.

    “If anyone had seen this case at the beginning, they wouldn’t have touched it, as I didn’t stand a chance of winning. Your hard work, commitment and support over the last year led to such a result: my little man settled and happy with his nannie.

    “I can never thank you enough, Anne. You are a truly amazing lady whom I have had the priviledge of meeting. Don’t ever change (or change jobs). You have made such an impact in our lives; and on the lives of others, I am sure. Again, thank you.”

Our client, Naomi

  • “I have had my 5 children removed from me. The day I came to Brendan Flemings for help, I passed out outside the office. I was in a very dark place and felt that suicide was my only answer. Today, because you listened to me, because you believed in me and because you supported me, I am now a far cry from the woman who first walked into your office. I have a positive outlook and I am thinking in terms of ‘when I have my children back.’

    “I know I have a fight in front of me but now I know I have someone in my corner who believes in me, which makes all the difference.”

Our client, Ms B.

  • “We have been exchanging e-mails with Denise Robertson from TV’s This Morning, who holds Brendan Fleming in the highest esteem. We sent several e-mails telling her of our situation with our 3 children being taken into foster care. She was very supportive & understanding of our circumstances.

    “As a result of her help, Brendan took on our case at a very late stage, when no other solicitors were willing to proceed with matters further; and for that we cannot thank him enough.”

Our clients, Mr & Mrs J.

  • “This is to thank all the members of your firm that have helped over the last few years. You are all fab at your jobs, from Faye right through to Brendan. You have put my mind at ease at every stage of the procedings. Well done and THANK YOU for getting my son home. It is something neither I nor my family will ever forget.”

Our client, Emma and family

  • “I heard about Brendan Fleming Solicitors through my family support at my son’s nursery. I cannot thank you enough for putting an end to the court case: it had been going on way too long until you took over. Your company is fantastic.”

Our client, Kelly

  • “I would certainly recommend any parent who was having difficulty with parental access to contact Brendan Fleming Solicitors. They dealt with my case with care and a great understanding of what was needed. No stone was unturned.”

Our client, M.M., Solihull

  • “I approached Brendan Fleming because my previous solicitor was losing my case. Brendan kindly took the case on and since that day I have felt like a heavy weight has been lifted from my shoulders. He gave me hope that my children would be returned home and has been nothing but the complete professional. He has travelled from Birmingham to the South Coast to represent us and I totally understand why so many people recommend Brendan Fleming: he truly is one of the nice guys. I would recommend Brendan Fleming to anyone going through the situation that we have. Our whole family are eternally grateful to Brendan, what a guy!!”

Our client, K.R., West Sussex

  • “I came to Brendan Fleming Solicitors after speaking to a friend at my Sikh Gurdwara. I was devastated because my previous solicitor was losing my child. They didn’t care about my case and kept avoiding my calls. My friend told me to go to Social Services in Sandwell and they told me that the best practice by far is Brendan Fleming Solicitors and that they are scared of his name because he wins so many cases.

    “Mr Fleming representing me put a big smile on my face. He is the best person ever and he is a god to me. His advice was phenomenal, sophisticated and untouchable. He made me almost certain my girl was coming home. You need your solicitor to support you and Brendan does that.

    “Brendan didn’t hold back in court and challenged the case with style, class and professionalism. Brendan got the case thrown out of court and now I have my daughter home. Without Brendan, I wouldn’t have my kid and the previous solicitor said it would take 6 months. It took Brendan no time at all. I would recommend Brendan to the world: I would pay to have a sign promoting him put up outside my house.

    “I am proud to have had a solicitor like Brendan Fleming. I have had experience with solicitors before and none of them compare to him. I would give him one million stars. He is the best of the best.”

Our client, Mr Singh

  • “Brendan, you should be proud of yourself. Due to your professionalism, my son is at home. God bless you all. I am so happy now, thank you.”

Our client, M.C., Bromford

  • “Brendan is extremely good and helpful. Thank you so much for getting our kids home.”

Our client, L.H., Stechford

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  • “I am so confident in Dawn and Brendan. Every day I speak to them, I believe more and more that, one day soon, my daughter will be back home with me. They are very passionate about their jobs and I would recommend them to anyone as solicitors. I owe them so much already. They are fantastic.”

Our client, Faye

  • “Dawn is truly a wonderful person, she has gone the extra mile for me and my children; she is always at the end of the phone, anytime of day or night; and has worked relentlessly to get my children back home to me. She always made me feel hopeful and is a complete professional and warm human being. Dawn arranged an Independent Social Worker Assessment which was in our favour, for which I cannot thank her enough. I know that it is only due to Dawn and Brendan, along with the work that we have done as a family, that my children are coming home. I am so happy!!”

Our client, K.R., West Sussex

  • “Dawn is absolutely fantastic. I would never have got so far without her and now I am really close to getting my daughter back. I would not be where I am now without Dawn and Brendan. Dawn works every hour God sends to help your case. I keep recommending them to other people in my situation. Keep up the good work!”

Our client, Faye

  • “You have done so much for me and been there whenever I needed to speak. I have included a picture of my daughter which you can keep if you like as reminder of how happy you have made her mummy and how happy I am that I decided to go with your firm. Thank you so much, Dawn. There will never be enough I can do to repay you.”

Our client, Sarah

  • “Dawn, I can’t find the words to express how I feel about what you have done for my family. I can’t thank you enough. If only I knew than what I know now: that the most important thing is to have a good solicitor. And you are the best: I never would have got my boys back if it weren’t for you. I have learned so much in the short space of time in which you represented me. Thank you till the end of the numbers.”

Our client, Alison and family

  • “To Rebecca and Indy, thank you for your kind help and support. You really helped me through a stressful time and now my child and I are going to have a great life together.”

Our client, Christine

  • “Lucy and Mr Green, thank you. You helped give me and my children our lives back; and we are all grateful beyond words.”

Our client, Elizabeth

  • “I’d just like to say how brilliant Mark is and how impressed I am. I’m amazed that he sorted in five days what my former solicitor hadn’t handled in sixteen months.

    “You were recommended to me by my Family Support Worker; and now I’d recommend you to anyone else. If I ever need a familily law solicitor again, I’ll be round to see Brendan straight away.

    My son and I are now both safe. We have a new life. I can’t thank you enough.”

Our client, Kelly

  • Without Mark, my children wouldn’t be here today. He has always been there; nothing is too small. He will always ring me back, any time of day, if I call. He is so supportive and reassuring and is much more helpful than Social Services. I wish I could give Mark a medal. He makes feel comfortable in court. He is brilliant. He goes above and beyond what he is expected to do.”

Our client, Kathleen

  • “Brendan and Mark, thank you for everything and all the support and advice you have given me over the months…. My family and I are so happy to be back together, thanks to your help.”

Our client, Paul

  • “Michael was excellent, 100% reassuring. Without him, I wouldn’t have got my kids back.”

Our client, Sarah

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