24 Hour Emergency Helpline 0121 683 5000


We provide free support and referral to a leading care proceedings solicitor firm who never, never represent the local authorities or the Social Services. They work exclusively for parents, for families, and for the benefit of their children.

We promise a rapid response to your request for advice. Criminals get 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week legal services. We think that parents and victims should have the same. For that reason, we are available every day of the year except Christmas Day; and we are willing to literally work around the clock where it is called for to get children reunited with their families. And, rest assured, we will do everything in our power to help you and to keep your family together.

The central office is manned by people who have years experience with what you are going through and can get your details to a top solicitor who accepts publicly funded cases.

They can help with all aspects of your care case: no matter whether it is a contact dispute with Social Services, Emergency Protection Order, Interim Care Order or Police Protection Order, we will be able to explain what is happening and how best to deal with the situation at any point in the whole proceedings.

Whether you need emergency legal advice or just someone to talk to, call us or fill out and send in the form: it’s free and it’s confidential and we promise to give you the best impartial advice and services to get your family back together.

And remember, for your benefit, and that of your children and your family, it is best to call us as early as possible so we can minimise the potential time you may be separated from your children.

Please Note: This is a free advice service but in no way substitutes for the sound legal advice of a solicitor in possession of the full facts of a case. If you have your own solicitor who is briefed on the proceedings, please contact them for assistance. This is an emergency service provided for parents without their own solicitor whose children have been, or are about to be, taken into care by Social Services for such reasons as Emergency Protection Orders or Interim Care Orders.


 “We give the best service because we’ve got the best people”

24 Hour Emergency Helpline: 0121 683 5000

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